Why Fwd Floss

Q&A by our Founder Jeremiah Mendoza, on dental hygiene and more…

What prompted you to launch your brand?

Finding the right floss was always frustrating for me. Being an avid flosser myself, I have always had trouble finding a floss that provides a deep cleaning experience and is reliable for day-to-day use. In addition, I strive to make a difference in our world and support brands that are eco-friendly and moving towards a sustainable future. With these things in my mind, I set out to create a simple brand made of quality & effective product that would fit into my & many others’ oral hygiene routine. After 13 months of product design + development, FWD Floss was born from this idea of a product that serves its purpose!

What are some of the attractive components of your floss, that differentiate it from other brands?

FWD Floss was created with the purpose of providing a premium oral hygiene experience that you can instantly feel. Natural elements, innovative floss technology and eco-friendly packaging all combine efforts to deliver an effective flossing routine. Being a small business, we have developed partnerships with non-profit dental organizations to help pay the way forward with our FWD Give Back Program. Through this, we pledge to donate 5% of net profits towards oral care services for the less fortunate. 

How would you explain your brand to a friend?

In a world that is continuously growing & advancing, our routines are the only things that feel personal and constant in a fast-paced world. Our goal is to incorporate great oral hygiene products into such a routine that prompts healthy practices & smiles all around the world.